Cyber Cup Finals Capture the Flag

Here are the top 16 academies invited to compete in a one day  Capture the Flag final on December 1st, at the end of which we will crown the European Champion of 2023.
During the Capture-The-Flag finale, 16 teams of CyberGuardians will compete to unlock the secrets of the Digital Enigma. These secrets are used to stop the Shadow Cipher from unleashing chaos upon the digital world.
Here are the Terms & Conditions for Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag - Phase 2

Qualifying Teams Announced
November 24, 2023
Team Selection Deadline
November 28, 2023
Enrollment Link
November 29, 2023
Head-to-Head Challenge
December 1, 2023
Winners Announced
December 1, 2023

16 Teams, 64 Players: One European Cyber Champion

2023 TEAMS

We are excited to announce the European Cyber Cup winner.

The European Cyber Cup Champion are the Marconi Hackers! Congratulations to the students and teachers from IIS Marconi-Hack-Bari who were involved. Your hard work has paid off!

Thank you to all those who competed in the 2023 #EuropeanCyberCup

University of Pecs, Pollack Mihaly College of Engineering - Hungary
ASSINT - Associazione per lo sviluppo dell’Innovazione e delle Nuove Tecnologie - Italy
I.I.S.S. Ettore Majorana - Italy
IISS Marconi-Hack-Bari - Italy
ROC Mondriaan - Netherlands
Politechnika Swietokrzyska - Poland
Zespol Szkol Elektronicznych i Licealnych - Poland
Zespol Szkol Licealnych i Technicznych Nr 1 w Warszawie - Poland
Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych Elektrycznych i Elektronicznych w Toruniu - Poland
Zespol Szkol Technicznych i Ogolnoksztalcacych - Poland
Zespół Szkół Transportowo-Komunikacyjnych im. Tadeusza Kościuszki w Lublinie - Poland
Zespol Szkol w Nieckowie - Poland
Universidad Miguel Hernandez - Spain
Lviv Polytechnic College of Technology - Ukraine
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine - Ukraine
Vocational School for Computer Programming and innovation - Bulgaria

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